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Goals: Reduce the student to teacher ratio Ensure students have teachers from diverse backgrounds Provide more equitable education funding across districts and states Relieve local governments of funding responsibilities that often result in regressive taxes Description: This bill will bring more teachers into classrooms, increase their base pay and transfer responsibility for much of education funding from local governments to the federal government. Bill text: Once accepted by a state government, the federal government is required to provide the funds to partially pay for public school teachers' salary and fully pay for health care as outlined below. This funding is dependent on the school meeting size requirements for the classroom and maintaining a 1:6 ratio for classes up to 3rd grade and 1:8 above that. No other conditions may be imposed other than those outlined in this bill. Each classroom will have one head teacher with multiple assistant teachers. Starting with the first year this is implemented, the federal government will cover up to $40,000 in salary for assistant teachers and $60,000 for head teachers as well as any associated taxes, fees, etc the school district would owe as an employer. They will then cover an automatic 2.5% performance raise based on criteria set by teachers. When an assistant is promoted to head, the federal government will pay for a $20,000 increase in their salary. Participating states agree to waive public schools and school districts from any new taxes or fees specifically for public employers passed after September 1, 2018. The federal government will continue to pay new taxes for employees at other agencies, but will not be responsible for paying them for teachers. All teachers will be eligible to join Medicare or purchase a gold plan through the Affordable Care Act health care exchanges at a cost of no more than $100/month for a single and $200 month for a family, with all other expenses covered by the feds. No classroom may have more than 24 students. Classrooms must have 70 square feet per teacher, plus 49 square feet per student in elementary, 55 square feet per student in junior high and 64 square feet per student in high school. Each teacher will receive $300 in federal funding each year for classroom supplies. Head teachers will receive an additional $200. Teachers will set the requirements for assistant teachers and head teachers through a liquid system by school district. They will also set out criteria and process for determining performance raises. Head teachers will get one vote while assistant teachers will get half a vote. If 65% of teachers at similar schools in your state vote that similar schools in that jurisdiction shall adopt a particular rule, then they will. The same is true if 75% of teachers overall vote that all schools should adopt a particular rule. The funding for this program shall come through a small tax on investment trades. State and local governments may have extra money as a result of this. With that funding, they must ensure that all current teachers receive a permanent 5% raise over their previous year salary. 1/3 of the remaining funding must be returned to the taxpayers in the form of reduced taxes, 1/3 must be used to invest in schools and the remaining 1/3 is subject to the normal appropriations process for state and local governments to do with as they will.


Authored by Dallas Cole on 2018-7-12

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