John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act

Rep. Jennifer Wexton
Sen. Timothy Kaine
Sen. Mark Warner
U.S. Congress

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Written by
Norm Young
Lots of good reasons to support this legislation. Protects Yellowstone from encroachment by potential mining activities on it's border, permanently authorizes and funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund, Neotropical Migratory Bird Act will be re-authorized and funded through 2022, protecting millions of acres of habitat for 368 different bird species that migrate between Canada, the United States, and Mexico, 21st Century Conservation Service Corps will be established, which will create programs where kids and veterans will work to restore national parks and other public lands, and others. Also protects and expands mountain bike access in relevant areas!

This bill sets forth provisions regarding various programs, projects, activities, and studies for the management and conservation of natural resources on federal lands.

Specifically, the bill addresses, among other matters

  • land conveyances, exchanges, acquisitions, withdrawals, and transfers;
  • national parks, monuments, memorials, wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers, historic and heritage sites, and other conservation and recreation areas;
  • wildlife conservation;
  • helium extraction;
  • small miner waivers of claim maintenance fees;
  • wildland fire operations;
  • the release of certain federal reversionary land interests;
  • boundary adjustments;
  • the Denali National Park and Preserve natural gas pipeline;
  • fees for medical services in units of the National Park System;
  • funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund;
  • recreational activities on federal or nonfederal lands;
  • a national volcano early warning and monitoring system;
  • federal reclamation projects; and
  • search-and recovery-missions.

In addition, the bill reauthorizes the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Historic Preservation Program and the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program.

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