Empowering Beneficiaries, Ensuring Access, and Strengthening Accountability Act of 2019

This bill alters several Medicaid programs and funding mechanisms. Specifically, the bill

  • makes appropriations through FY2024 for, and otherwise revises, the Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration Program;
  • allows state Medicaid fraud control units to review complaints regarding patients who are in noninstitutional or other settings;
  • temporarily extends the applicability of Medicaid eligibility criteria that protect against spousal impoverishment for recipients of home and community-based services;
  • temporarily extends the Medicaid demonstration program for certified community behavioral health clinics;
  • repeals the requirement, under the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program, that drug manufacturers include the prices of certain authorized generic drugs when determining the average manufacturer price (AMP) of brand name drugs (also known as a "blended AMP"), and excludes manufacturers from the definition of "wholesalers" for purposes of rebate calculations; and
  • increases funding available to the Medicaid Improvement Fund beginning in FY2021.

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