Federal CIO Authorization Act of 2019

This bill reorganizes Office of Management and Budget (OMB) information technology (IT) activities and establishes new IT reporting requirements.

The bill renames (1) the Office of E-Government & Information Technology (E-Gov) as the Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer (Federal CIO), and (2) the E-Government Fund as the Federal IT Fund. The office shall be headed by a Federal Chief Information Officer who shall report directly to the Director of OMB (currently, the head of E-Gov reports to the Deputy Director). There is established in the office a Federal Chief Information Security Officer.

Agencies must report IT expenditures to the Federal CIO. The Federal CIO must publish timely, searchable, computer-readable data on agency IT expenditures, projects, and programs.

The Federal CIO shall submit to Congress a proposal for consolidating IT across the federal government and increasing the use of shared services.

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