Investing for the People Act of 2019

This bill increases discretionary spending limits, modifies the procedures for enforcing the limits, and establishes budget enforcement procedures in the House of Representatives for FY2020.

The bill increases both the defense and nondefense discretionary spending limits for FY2020 and FY2021. It also modifies the procedures for enforcing the spending limits to

  • limit adjustments for funding designated for Overseas Contingency Operations/ Global War on Terrorism,
  • allow specified adjustments for Internal Revenue Service enforcement activities and the 2020 Census, and
  • modify the sequestration process.

The chairman of the House Budget Committee must submit for publication in the Congressional Record committee allocations, aggregate spending levels, and aggregate revenue levels that are consistent with the discretionary spending limits and requirements specified in this bill. For budget enforcement purposes, the allocations and levels shall apply in the House of Representatives as if they were included in a FY2020 budget resolution.

The chairman may adjust the allocations and levels to reflect (1) changes in the Congressional Budget Office baseline, or (2) legislation that does not increase the deficit over FY2020-FY2024 or FY2020-FY2029.

The bill prohibits advance appropriations, except for programs, activities, or accounts identified in lists submitted by the chairman of the House Budget Committee for publication in the Congressional Record. The identified accounts are subject to aggregate limits specified in the bill. (An advance appropriation is any new discretionary budget authority provided in appropriations legislation for FY2020 that first becomes available after FY2020.)

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