To amend the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act to provide that Alexander Creek, Alaska, is and shall be recognized as an eligible Native village under that Act, and for other purposes.

This bill amends the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act to recognize the Alaska Native group of Alexander Creek as a Native village eligible for land and benefits under the Act.

Alexander Creek must file any amendments to its corporate charter that are necessary to convert from a Native group to a Native village.

The Department of the Interior must open negotiations with Alexander Creek to settle Alexander Creek's aboriginal land claims and any other claims it has against the United States.

Alexander Creek must notify its members that: (1) they will cease to receive benefits from Cook Inlet Region Incorporated (CIRI) individually as at-large shareholders, and (2) all future resource payments from the region will be made to the village. CIRI is not liable under any state, federal, or local law for damages related to that payment cessation.

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