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Equal Vote

It isn't right that voting your conscience can waste your vote. The candidate with the most support should actually win Oregon elections.

With STAR Voting we could skip the low turnout primary. You score candidates from 0-5 stars. Even if your favorite can’t win, your vote automatically transfers to the finalist you preferred.

STAR voting puts citizens in control by giving them a real choice, real representation, and real accountability.
Support for this measure means you want to adopt STAR Voting (Score Then Automatic Runoff) method for Oregon candidate elections. For non-partisan races, adopting STAR Voting would eliminate the May primary.

The STAR method directs electors to score each candidate appearing on the ballot using a scale from zero "worst" to five "best". If they don't have a preference electors may give candidates the same score. Candidates left blank receive a zero. For each office the sum total scores for each candidate shall be tallied to identify two "finalists", the two candidates with the highest overall scores.

Each elector's ballot shall then be reviewed to identify which finalist was scored higher. The electors vote is cast in favor of the the finalist they preferred. If an elector gives each candidate the same score the ballot is cast as a vote of no-preference between those two. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes will be the winner. If possible, ties in either the scoring or the runoff rounds will be broken in favor if the candidate who scored higher or was preferred by more voters. The amendment includes Board authority to establish rules for the administration of STAR system and rules for a tie-vote.

For partisan races the STAR Voting method would be adopted with all other election details remaining unchanged: The primary would remain, the top candidates from each party would advance to the November election and STAR Voting would be used for both elections. For multi-winner races the first winner will be elected to the first seat and an additional runoff round will be conducted until all seats are filled.

Jennah Litecky Yost

I believe we must get to the root problems in our democracy to make the change we want to see. To me, one of the most important aspects in our democracy is HOW WE VOTE. The way we vote is not working. We need a new strategy. STAR voting is the way to change our democracy and to make sure our elected officials are working for the people. Thank you STAR voting!

Jonathan Bright

I've been studying voting reform for years and STAR Voting is one of the best forms I've seen. I really hope this passes and serves as an example to other jurisdictions.

Michael Kemp

This way of voting empowers you to vote for the greater good *and* the lesser evil so that your true values are tallied without sacrificing your opposition to the greater evil.

Wendy Friedman

I believe STAR voting is far better than the voting system we have now and will increase participation and engagement.

Samuel Bonar

Star voting is ranked choice voting with star power! Why do we keep voting in the worst way possible? It doesn't have to be like this.

Nora Kent

This is the most equitable form of voting and great for non partisan races.

Hallie Roberts

STAR Voting will let you show your opinion on each candidate. It will give more power to the individual voter.

Trevin Beattie

The only voting system worse than plurality is random lot. Of the several alternative systems I’ve looked at, S.T.A.R. seems like the best choice for single-seat elections.

Adam Zielinski

I endorse Star Voting because we need to get rid of the spoiler effect, and also make elections fair for all candidates regardless of party affiliation or non affiliation.

Brandon Toh

I believe we need to update our voting system to best choose the people who will represent us

Patrick Stutz

I’m endorsing STAR voting because our system is broken and voters (on all sides of the debate) deserve a much bigger voice.

Deanna Kallen

I want to vote my conscience and have a real voice in my democracy. I can't do that with our current system, but STAR Voting is an elegant solution to problems like the spoiler effect and "lesser evil" voting. It's easy to understand and use, and encourages honest voting. No need to compromise on my values. It's about time for a fair system that truly represents the wishes of the voting public!

Carol Scherer

With STAR Voting you can give scores to any of the candidates on the ballot without feeling the pressure to limit your choice to those who have the most money or are backed by the "right" party.

Erin O'Kelly

Giving full power of your vote back to you is one of the most important things you can do right now to make the change you want to see in this country. Please sign this endorsement to help STAR Voting get put in effect.

Suzanne O'Shea

I am endorsing Star Voting because it is the most efficient way to support our favorite candidate while also having a say in supporting, in order of preference, who we would support if our favorite does not win. It allows us have a voice for the candidate we really believe in. And, it is very easy.

James Barber

I endorse STAR voting because it is basically everything I want to see in our elections. It’s so easy to use, enables the ability to show preferences among similar candidates, has instant runoff capability, and no vote splitting among popular candidates!
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Clay Shentrup

The current choose-one system is considered by most political scientists to be the worst on Earth. It leads to a polarized two-party system where moneyed special interests have outsized control. STAR Voting will end the spoiler effect and bring more honesty, integrity, and moderation to our politics. STAR Voting gives us real choice.


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Secretary of State Daniel Webster

June 1825